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    28 July 11

    [FAN ACCOUNT] 110729 Fan that won MTV Match Up’s Tropicana Event

    • I’m the 25 year old fan that won the Tropicana event in episode six.  I wanted to write a fan account right away on the day it happened, but had to wait until it broadcast.
    • I really didn’t think I’d get chosen, but my application was really the truth! All of my elementary school students can follow along to Block B’s songs because I play it so much during practice.  Unfortunately, Block B came while we were teaching middle/high school students so they couldn’t see the song performance I had prepared.
    • It was just like what was broadcast on TV, except everyone had a turn at learning self-defense. I was paired with Zico, but I think they cut that out for the fans ^^. 
    • The members really were jealous when I chose Zico as my favorite member. I love all of them, though! They even jokingly refused to take a group picture with me.
    • While Jaehyo was learning self-defense, I was standing next to Park Kyung. He asked me again, “Why do you only like Jiho….” I had to re-assure him that I liked everyone and that I loved the song “Turn Around” (even though that’s Zico’s song in the end ㅋㅋㅋ)
    • When I asked to take individual pictures with them, P.O. adamantly refused so cutely because I had chosen Zico instead of him.
    • All of the students were in love with Park Kyung. They said he was handsome and had great manners!
    • I won’t be releasing the original pictures because I want to keep them for myself ^^

    CR: Attention Zico

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