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    23 September 12

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    Dear my wife
    Dear my wife 
    The chance that no other girl was chosen to have
    I’ll hand it over to you, to my future wife

    The near future, you’ll be my fourth finger
    Always with me whenever you open and close your eyes
    In the morning, I don’t wish for dwenjangjjigae*
    With coffee and toast, energetically lego

    The nose and lips, everything takes after you
    Even the pretty hairstyle is like you 
    A baby who looks just like you, 
    Enjoy the quiet life with you and bicker, just marriage

    On Sunday, near our honeymoon home
    We’ll hold hands and go to church, amen dear god
    I feel life, with my wife
    Only on you it’s not wasted, time

    Definitely have a cool car, our villa
    Or an apartment, maybe America
    We’ll have at least 3 kids
    And just the two of us will have dawn together, thank god

    Dear my wife
    Dear my wife 

    The chance that no other girl was chosen to have
    I’ll hand it over to you, to my future wife

    Girl, one day you’ll hear this song
    What more to wish for then, you’d already be my wife
    I’d have earned money
    And I’d have become the head of house who leads my family with happiness

    Uh When I’m exhausted once in a while
    The kimchi jjigae** you make
    With just one it becomes a huge strength
    Your voice is my lifetime’s BGM

    Everyday before I sleep I pray
    A prayer of thanks for giving me an angel like you
    I don’t doubt there is a god
    I always understood earnestness, but the ignorant world might not know

    You’re the faith of love who guided me to paradise
    The angel who makes me grin from ear to ear=hope
    We’re standing at the threshold of happiness
    After listening to all of this tell me, “you’re the coolest”

    Dear my wife
    Dear my wife 
    The chance that no other girl was chosen to have
    I’ll hand it over to you, to my future wife

    *dwenjangjjigae (된장찌개) traditional Korean fermented bean paste stew
    **kimchijjigae (김치찌개): traditional Korean kimchi stew

    Translation by: youngha @ BLOCKBINTL

    Source: P.O’s cyworld


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    Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh